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A1 Plates PE9 2EE BSAU 145e

A1 Plates PE9 2EE BSAU 145e

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Legal Number plates FAQ

How do I fit a new UK number plate?

It is possible to get an auto shop to take care of the replacement for you, but you could also do it yourself. In order to remove your old plate and add the replacement, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the UK number plate from the vehicle. You can do this by opening the plastic screw covers and unscrewing the screws that are fastened beneath the plate.

  2. Drill holes into the UK number plate. If you are using screws to fit the plate, you will have to drill holes into it yourself. There are a few ways to do so, but the recommended method is to drill the holes in from the back. In order to ensure you’re getting the position right, you can use the old plate as a reference.
  3. Fasten the number plate. Screw on the plate using new screws or keep your old ones and use them instead. Be sure that each corner is tightly secured in place. You can also put the plate in place by using double-sided adhesive tape. If you go this route, clean off both the mounting surface and the number plate to ensure proper adhesion before applying it. Then, attach the sticky pads to the plate. Finally, press it into place on the vehicle.

Should a cracked number plate be replaced ?

It is important to keep in mind that it is illegal to drive without having a clearly visible number plate in the United Kingdom. For this reason, if your UK number plate is cracked, it may impact the visibility, and you may be stopped by the police because of it.

Is it Legal not to have a front number plate on your car?

In the United Kingdom, it is against the law to not have a number plate displayed on the front of your car. Each car has to have its registrations displayed both on the front and back of the vehicle. The plate that is positioned in the front has to be white in colour and feature index marks in black to ensure they are clearly visible.

Are black number plates against the law in the United Kingdom?

The only vehicles that are allowed to have a black number plate are those that were registered before the cutoff date of 1 January 1980. Any other cars are required by law to have a white number plate with black lettering that makes it easy to read.

Are tinted number plates illegal in the United Kingdom?

It is against the law to have tinted number plates on your car. This is because the DVLA considers any tint to be something that obstructs the visibility of a registration plate, which is against the law. The purpose of having a black-on-white plate is to make sure that it is clearly visible, and tinting goes against that idea.

Are gel-based UK number plates illegal?

Many people love gel plates because they impart a more modern and stylish appearance. Fortunately, so long as the plates align with the regulations and visibility requirements detailed in the Motor Car Act, you can use gel-style plates legally.


What number plates are legal in the United Kingdom?

Standard cars need a number plate with characters that are 55 millimeters in width by 79 millimeters in height, whereas motorcycles can legally drive with numbers measuring 44 millimeters in width by 64 millimeters in height.